I am a Tarot reader and artist. I have been working with the Tarot for sixteen years, and a practitioner of metaphysics for (just over) twenty years. I offer a variety of readings including Email, Skype, Phone, and in person (by appointment), as well as lessons. If you would like to know more about the readings I offer, please go HERE. Metaphysical services will be available in the near future.

I believe that the Tarot can be used to give practical readings. Readings you can use. Readings you can take something away from and apply it to your life to make real changes. Whether that something is the next step to get your specific ball rolling, developing the compassion you need but rarely (or never) receive, the forgiveness of others and self, creative inspiration or simply confirmation of a suspicion, the Tarot is a tool that is capable of providing all of that. (And then some.) My goal is to give every person a reading they can use and apply at maximum, or something to consider at minimum within their everyday life.

That being said, it also needs to be said that the cards hold absolutely no sway over any aspect of one’s life. It is not a belief system. It is a tool. It is a deck of 78 images that depict symbols and metaphors that, when drawn, are interpreted in context of the client’s life at the time of inquiry (whether or not a question is asked). It does not control me as the reader/consultant, and it certainly does not control the client or the client’s life. I also need to stress that the Tarot will not magically do your work for you. Yes, the cards offer us insight we can consider/use in order to move forward, but we are still fully accountable for our lives. You change you. Not the Tarot. The Tarot is only used as a guide in those changes.

I have found it to be of great service–and appreciated–to show how practical the Tarot can be, and how the insight gained from a reading can be applied to everyday life. It can be used to weigh your options and plan your day, week, month, and year. It can be used to determine the nature of your role in a situation. It can be used to understand the influences you and others have in your situation, and uncover ways to change your circumstances. The Tarot can also help carve a path of personal growth and self-actualization: enhancing your strengths, transforming your flaws, resolve aspects of your past, and set in place a foundation for the future that you want.

If you would like a reading, visit my READINGS page and I will be more than honored and grateful to be of service. I can also be reached by filling out the form below, OR via Email at citypriestess42@gmail.com (Please put “C.P. Inquiry” in the subject line).

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