Lessons & Workshops

I am available to teach the Tarot to total beginners, or to lead a workshop at your store/home/event in the NYC Metropolitan Area. Please fill out the form below for questions, arrangements, and availability.

Private Lessons: $30 an hour. You will be guided on how to read the Tarot in an intuitive manner, using Astrological and Numerological correspondences to enhance your readings and provide more depth and understanding. Included (but not limited) is deck hierarchy, elements, journal exercises, practical exercises, and recommended reading. Designed for total-yet-serious beginners, but also can also cater to the curious, the “working” reader, and any reader who set the cards down for a while and wants to pick them back up. Have your deck and a journal. There will be assignments. How many lessons you take and/or how often you take lessons is strictly dependent on you; no pressure. Note: You will not be taught how to predict the future in these lessons. Can be in person, or via Skype.

Workshops (taught in the NYC Metropolitan area ONLY):

  • Beginner level workshops will include a brief overview of the Tarot’s history, the deck itself, short intro to the suits, how to develop your own keywords, simple spreads to play with, group exercises, and journaling exercises to encourage your intuition and help you develop you own Tarot “voice”. Can be a single workshop or a series of workshops.
  • Practical workshops will include exercises where we will “tear apart” the cards, layer by layer from number to color to Astrology and how to seamlessly link the cards together in a spread. For those who are beyond “beginner” and want to get deeper into the Tarot. Prior experience with the Tarot isn’t necessary, but helpful.
  • Journaling workshops will consist of strictly the deck, a pen, and your journal. Writing exercises using the cards will be given to help you connect with your intuition, use storytelling to develop your own interpretations, and to use the Tarot as a tool for creativity and inspiration. Great for artists of all kinds, beginners to the Tarot, “veteran” Tarot readers, or anyone who just wants to “play” with their cards. Journals will be available for purchase.

For lessons arranged via Skypeyou must have your own Tarot deck. I will not mail you one. I strongly recommend/encourage using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck or a deck based directly on it, particularly for total beginners. This is the deck much of your learning material will be based on.

For workshopsOrganizers and shop ownersplease contact me directly so we can discuss arrangements. I’m willing to teach 5 to 10 people. For Practical workshops, feel free to bring your own deck, but I ask that it be based on the Rider-Waite-Smith. For Journaling workshops, you are welcome to use whatever deck you wish. Journals will be available for purchase. A deck and a journal will be provided and included in the price for the Beginner workshop only.

If our workshop/lesson is held in a cafe’, bookstore, or other rented/borrowed space (especially someone’s home), please honor their space by following their rules and treating the space as well as our host(s) with respect. Also, please purchase, donate, or give something in gratitude for allowing us to use their space. Leave the space better than you found it: take all trash with you and dispose of it accordingly (even if it isn’t yours).

Please read my POLICIES page regarding cancellations and deposits.

I require that all students/participants be 18 and older.

If you would like to schedule your lesson or a workshop, please fill out the form below.


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